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Available Dogs - Private Party Listings

The following dogs are available through private parties and are NOT associated with Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue; they are listed here as a courtesy. Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and does not make any claims about or take any responsibility for the temperament or health of any dog listed. Please contact the person or rescue operation indicated in the listing for more information about each dog.

Contact Iree Douglas


3 Years / Male

My name is Rocky. I was born on August 22nd, 2020. I am a male, and I am 3 years old. My mom was full shepherd and my dad was half Red Collie half Golden Retriever. I was raised with an infant and toddler and did AMAZING! I love jumping on the trampoline with them and going down the park slide. Unfortunately, I have become an escape artist and my backyard is no longer suitable for me. I was very loved, but I would be more suitable in a new home in the suburbs. I enjoy my time outside and running. I sometimes sleep on the couch, having no accidents, and sometimes I sleep outside in my dog house. I am a quiet dog and do not bark often. My temperament is skittish, which my parents could never figure out why, but with me warming up, I do love head pats. I am not food or treat-driven. I am fixed and received my shots and 3-year rabies vaccine in 2021. I am very submissive and enjoy playing with other dogs. Unfortunately, the old dog I was raised with passed of old age and left me no friends at home. Mom and dad just can’t take on another animal to give me a friend. I am a good dog just not compatible with my current home.

Posted 9/25/23

Contact Angelica Tercero
(415) 328-0017

Two Puppies

5 Months / Male & Female

Two 5-month-old puppies. One female and one male. 
They are amazing, very smart, cuddly, and high-energy. They may be GSD-Malinois mix. They are good with other dogs. They have all their vaccines and are microchipped.
They will be outgrowing my fencing; I live in a mobile home park and have too many dogs already. I have had them for a month they were not socialized, but I have been taking them out and they are gaining confidence quickly. They were not potty trained and we are working on this too. Located in Santa Rosa, CA.


Posted 9/12/23

M & F puppies 4 months.jpeg
Contact Kim


7 Years / Male

I am a 7 year old German Shepherd and I love my humans. I am super excited to see them and then I settle down. I love to run, jump, play fetch, bark. I walk on a leash but still need more training! I am potty trained, I do enjoy being inside! Commands I know: stay, sit, go to bed! I am a high-energy dog (non-destructive). I need a new owner who has time for me and has lots of energy! I do not socialize with cats! I am too rough for little ones, but I do better with the older kids. I am a really good protector of my human. Unfortunately, my human situation has changed and I need a new forever home to run out the rest of my years.  

We are located in Riverbank CA (30 miles east of Tracey).

Posted 9/12/23

Contact C. Miller


1 Year / Male

Bones was found on the side of the road, nothing but Bones and so weak that he couldn’t walk. I brought him home and I have had him for about 3 months. Bones now weighs 80# and is handsome and healthy. The vet said that she believes he is about a year old and is a DDR Shepherd, which are working dogs with lots of energy. Bones has a very good temperament, is friendly, loves children and people and a great watch dog. I already had a male dog when I brought Bones home and they got along just fine for a long time and then lately they seem to be playing the territorial game and are getting into fights. Bones is still young and going through the puppy chewing stage, so I keep lots of things around for him to chew on.  He is in the process of being crate trained and is doing well. This dog would be great at search and rescue, as he is so smart and looks into your eyes and hears what you are saying. I would love to keep them both, but don’t have the energy for two large dogs. Bones has had all of his shots, heartworm meds, and has been neutered. Bones would  make an awesome companion. Located in Carmichael, CA. area.

Posted 8/29/23

Contact Claudia

4-5 Months / Male

Young German Shepherd was dumped at our house and we're trying to find him a happy, loving home. He seems to be 4-5 months old.  Very nice to us and our dogs. We live in Crowslanding, CA.

Posted 8/29/23

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10 Years / Female

Champagne is a very sweet-tempered girl! She is house trained and has the best manners- She understands “sit” and will respond to “no” and “stay.” I think someone taught her “leave it” as well. She doesn’t bark. She makes very little noise at all. Inside, there might be the occasional audible sigh when she is trying to communicate something. She is so well-behaved at home. She does not go to the bathroom in the house and thinks that pee pee pads are for resting on. She also won’t get up on the sofa unless invited and then, even rarely. She loves going for rides in the car and also enjoys meal time- she is food motivated!

Champagne can chill at home by herself for a few hours, we’ve left her for about 4 hours with no problems. She prefers being with the company of her humans. A good licky mat and calming treats keep her occupied when left alone at home and when she is bored with that, she will just wait by the door until your return. She sleeps through the night, but will come over to me in the morning because she thinks it’s time for breakfast. If it’s before 7:00 am, I give her some kisses and send her back to her bed and she goes back to bed.

You have to be alert when walking her because she acts like it’s her mission in life to find food while outside. But a stern “leave it” usually does the trick. She responds pretty well to a firm tone, She sometimes gets extra excited when she sees other dogs so be mindful when walking her on leash because she will occasionally grumble. I take her on short walks in the morning, evening and sometimes late afternoon and then one longer walk when I can. As far as people go, she is not shy – Champagne is very comfortable going right up to anyone and smelling them. She is interested in all humans and doesn’t display any fear of anyone.

As far as energy levels, it’s about what you would expect for a 10 year old GSD. She’s probably most energetic 3-4 hours after breakfast. She is excited to go out and she gets playful when you are trying to put her harness on. But she definitely does not play rough.

She will make someone a very sweet, gentle companion!!

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Posted 8/29/23

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