About Lucky 

What Lucky Needs to Thrive

  • Most importantly, Lucky needs adopters who are committed and patient. She will initially need time and space to bond with her new family.  No small children.

  • Lucky should be the only animal in the home (due to her prey drive and dog reactivity).

  • The ideal home environment for Lucky would be a home where she can be inside with her family and a large yard she can run in where she is comfortable. Not a dog for walks in busy urban areas without training.

  • Any person adopting Lucky would benefit greatly by participating in a few training sessions with a Tugdogs trainer to learn how to bond with her and how to handle her during times of stress. (Up to 3 sessions provided by SCGSR).


  • Lucky is a good candidate for training. In just a 6 hour evaluation, she showed excellent progress at being able to be brushed, feel more confident, and pass by intently barking dogs.

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