Private Party Dogs

The following dogs are available through private parties and are NOT associated with Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue; they are listed here as a courtesy. Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and does not make any claims about or take any responsibility for the temperament or health of any dog listed. Please contact the person or rescue operation indicated in the listing for more information about each dog.

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5 1/2 years / Female


Destiny is a beautiful 5 year old, spayed, AKC registered purebred German Shepherd. She was originally purchased from a reputable breeder to be a companion for a stay at home mom who is also a disabled veteran with PTSD. She lives in a family with children and at the time of purchase, she also lived with a middle-aged cat that she did well with. She has been through basic training with Elite Dogs Training and Boarding of Sacramento. The family loves her very much, but Destiny seems to sense the anxiety of her owner and over the years has progressively become more aloof and anxious with most of the family. Destiny now prefers the company of the husband, who is calm and loving and she knows that she can run to him if she feels uneasy. 

The family feels that Destiny is unhappy, through no fault of her own, and they want a better life for her. She has never shown or displayed any aggression towards any people or animals and loves to play with other dogs. She’s never even growled—no violent tendencies whatsoever. She has the potential to be a great family pet in the right home. Destiny would do best in a calm, confident home environment that can work with her to build her confidence and she would love a large yard to play in. She is up to date on vaccines. Destiny is in Forresthill. Posted 6/13/2021

Bruno1 05-2021.PNG
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3-4 years / Male

Bruno is looking for a new home. He is 3-4 years old intact male. He needs a large yard to be left alone to enjoy. He loves to play ball all day and walks well on leash. I love having him at my home as we are fostering him for an ill brother. However I have a female boxer who has been bitten by him. All she does is rough house with him and when he has enough, he snip at her. He just needs his own space. We are in Greenwood, CA. Posted  5/15/2021

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 3 years / Male

Good aspects

Odin is a very friendly dog with humans and loves children. He is approximately a 3 year old purebred German shepherd (we got him from a shelter). He loves small animals and will intently stare at them for hours- he will be gentle with them if taught to do so. He loves playing fetch but does have hard time grasping the idea of returning the ball. He loves stuffed animals and will hold them everywhere at all times, even while he is sleeping, he likes tug of war. He is very good on walks and knows how to heel ( he wears a prong collar and a muzzle). With guests he will jump on them and shower them with love. He is a very good watchdog and is constantly on alert mode. He is very good in the house alone and if all doors are properly shut he will sleep on the couch and wait for his humans to come back home- he has never had a problem with destroying furniture, carpet, etc. 

Bad aspects 

Odin is dog aggressive and has escaped multiple times and attacked dogs- none were seriously hurt but went away with a couple of scratches. He can not go to a home with dogs. He wears a muzzle on walks to be safe but if he is with a firm hand he is under control. We haven’t found anything that motivates him to listen in public (treat or motivation). He has a sensitive stomach and needs a simple and pretty consistent diet (pumpkin puree he responds well to). He can be too pushy with small children and try to herd them roughly- if a child is firm with him he responds to it. 

If he has an owner with a commanding presence and knowledge on this breed and Odin's own set of problems he will do well.  Posted 5/15/2021

Oden2 05-2021.jpg