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Private Party Dogs

The following dogs are available through private parties and are NOT associated with Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue; they are listed here as a courtesy. Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and does not make any claims about or take any responsibility for the temperament or health of any dog listed. Please contact the person or rescue operation indicated in the listing for more information about each dog.

Contact Ernesto Martinez


Year / Male

This is Oits. We are looking for a new home for him. He has all of his shots and is neutered, and microchipped. He’s about a year old and acts just like a kid.

Posted 6/3/23

Contact Michaela Wagner


2 Years / Male

His name is Oreo he is about 2 years old. He is a very sweet dog very gentle. He is fixed. He loves going on long walks or hikes twice a day and his limit is 3 miles a walk. He is a very jumpy dog. He does bark a lot and does not like to be left alone. He does not like being in his crate especially if you leave the room. He is a chewer, but has not chewed furniture. However, be sure to watch your shoes! He has a sensitive stomach and cannot eat chicken and is not a fan of beef. I feed him Supreme Source Dog Food lamb flavor. He loves to hoard trash like soda cans and bottles. He likes to mouth your arm when he gets really excited but never bites down to hurt you. He loves to play fetch and squeaky toys. He loves kids but he doesn't know how to be calm around them and can scare them. Loves to dig holes. He is friendly around most dogs. When on walks he will sniff everything but won't pee if he has a potty break before the walk. He was in the shelter before. I believe he may have been abused before. He needs to been rehomed by June 30 no later as I am losing our home.
Location is Sacramento, CA

Posted 6/1/23

Visit this link for more info


10 Years / Female

This bright and sophisticated German Shepherd is an exclusive blend! She may seem shy at first but this young senior used to be a backup dancer for all the hottest hip hop artists. Not only is she a classy gal, she is very urban and edgy. Champagne will be able to tell you what cheese will pair best with your beverage and also who is going to be the next big star on the music scene. She is able to do stairs at a slow pace but they are hard on her knees after all the years she spent on stage. She will undoubtedly be the best companion you ever had. Just wait. You’ll soon be hooked on Champagne and will never get enough of this gentle and kind little lady.

-Champagne is extremely affiliative with people

-Champagne is a stunningly gorgeous girl who will turn all the heads on walks

-Champagne has a very friendly and sweet way about her


Here are some notes from her foster:

Champagne is a very sweet-tempered girl and while at home, will follow you from room to room and then plop down wherever you are and snooze. She loves her walks. when at home, she seems much more her age, slower paced, however the second you grab that leash she is all energy and she’s only gotten more active as time has gone by. Luckily, she is not remotely phased by the rain given the weather we’ve been having. She was obviously well taken care of at some point in her life because she is so well-behaved at home. She does not go to the bathroom in the house and thinks that pee pee pads are for resting on (or chewing). She also won’t get up on the sofa unless invited and then, even rarely. She loves to eat and she is still a bit on the skinny side, so I tend to go over the feeding guidelines some (the vet encouraged it so I figure it’s fine).

She will get overly excited when she sees dogs on the street and I’m not sure if this is limited to certain settings. She will sleep through the night unless you happen to get up for something. She prefers being with the company of her humans. A good licky mat and calming treats seem to help when left alone at home and when she is bored with that, she will just wait by the door until your return.

She is interested in all humans and doesn’t display any fear of anyone. If anything, she acts like she is welcome to get in anybody’s business and will walk run up to them. She’s is also very good in the car.

Posted 5/26/23

Contact Rachel Lohan


3 Years / Male

I am rehoming my working line German Shepherd, Noble. Noble is a 3-year-old neutered male who's up to date on all vaccines. Noble is a very social boy, he is also potty trained crate trained, and has foundation obedience training on him. Noble has wonderful working drive, high toy drive, and great food motivation as well, but he loves ball and tug the best! Noble is good with kids and other people, but is selective with other dogs. Noble will need an active family or a working home. Noble has been fine with livestock but I wouldn’t trust him with cats. If you are interested in this handsome boy, please feel free to reach out! I’m located in Placerville Ca.

Posted 5/23/23

Contact Stefan



This is Cowgirl, I found her in East Nicholas. She's a great dog, she's been nothing but affectionate to me, my 11-year-old daughter, and my father. However, she is not getting along with the elder female German Shepherd. Probably better off in a single dog home with no young kids or cats. I know she was abandoned, I picked her up in early March. She has basic commands, she appears to be house trained, I kept her in my house for a period of time and she never had an accident. Very affectionate sweet eyes. She is in Lincoln CA.

Posted 5/18/23

Contact Lacey Anderson
916-595-5966 (text preferred)


7 Years / Female

Shiloh is a 7 year old female. Fixed and chipped. She is currently in Citrus Heights. She listens well, is a pleaser, and doesn’t eat food off the counter. She doesn’t chew or dig and is house-trained. She can get excited and will jump occasionally. She will also bolt if let off the leash. 

Posted 5/18/23

Contact Matea Pfeifer 
916-903-8241 (leave a message or text)


1-2 Years / Male

He was neutered on April 27. He’s fully vaccinated and is 56lbs, but is putting on some healthy weight. He loves people! He sticks close and likes to make sure everyone is near at all times. He’s a close, loyal companion, and he does have some separation anxiety. 
He has been a bit timid around other dogs but hasn’t done much socializing yet. He’s good with cats but might bark at them sometimes when they don’t play with him. We’re working on this! He’s fully house-trained. Dominic loves treats and will sit beautifully for a bite of…anything. He loves kimchi, hotdogs, and fruit. He has fun playing in the water, tug of war, and chewing up cardboard boxes. He’s a bit naughty. While he knows how to sit, and comes when he’s called, he still lacks boundaries. 
If you’re lying in bed, he will jump onto your pillows with you and paw at your head. Because of this, he’s been spending the nights in his crate, which he’s easily coaxed into with treats and can sleep in quietly for about 8 hours. He jumps on people when he gets excited, and will give you a sassy bark if he’s been nicely sitting for a while and hasn’t been offered a treat. He’s getting better on a leash. He tugs a little bit but doesn’t try to chase anyone or anything. He’d rather be with his person than run off anywhere! 

He’s never exhibited any aggression, and even when he jumps up or nips. With some training, Dominic has the potential to be the perfect companion! He’s super smart, responds well to training, and could sniff out a needle in a haystack. Dominic is located in Fair Oaks, and is so excited to find his new home! 
Posted 5/16/23

Contact Martin Messersmith


6 Months / Female

Meet RUBI! This happy go lucky ~ 6 Month Old Female German Shepherd showed up on our back porch SAT 4/22/2023 vicinity 8-Mile Road and Jack Tone Road in Stockton, CA. with no history. She is very much a young energetic dog, craving attention and full of love – which she enthusiastically shares. In her short time with us, she has received a bath and had her first trip to the vet. At the vet, she was scanned for a chip (none found), received her Rabies and dose one of two DHPP vaccines, oral (1 month) Flea and Tick treatment, and a clean bill of health from visual inspections (records will be transferred to new owner). The Vet estimated her to be approximately 6 months old – she is nearing the end of what we believe is her first heat cycle and will be ready to be Spayed in another 2-3 weeks. She rides well in a car (one full day Off-Road Jeep trip and two 2-hour+ sportscar trips), and proved during a 2-night hotel stay that she is housebroken. Inside she is well-mannered once she settles down from her puppy excitement. Throughout the night she did not jump up on the bed or any furniture, just slept on the floor until morning when people started waking. At our home, she is housed outdoors in a kennel and has taken to it well – sleeping through the night with minimal barking aside from the occasional squirrel, rabbit, or dog she may see in the distance. She dug out from under the kennel when it was on gravel, so it is now on a concrete pad to prevent escape. She is learning to walk on a leash and is about 50:50 on “sit” and “come” commands. She does better when there are no distractions (which is rare in our orchard environment) and at the end of hard exercise. Her forever home will need to have room to run and provide plenty of attention (which she is lacking in our environment of two full-time working adults which is our main reason for looking for a Forever Home for her). She chases anything that moves so for now I’ve maintained a cautious approach around other animals and it would be best if she was an only pet. She is gentle with kids and has had positive experiences with my Jeeping Friends’ younger children. She likes to mouth things (typical puppy play) but has never bitten. Contact me if you would like to add Rubi to your family.

Posted 5/2/23

Contact Michael Klueber


4 Years / Male

Leo is a German Shepherd, was born on Jan. 29, 2019, and I've been caring for him since June 5, 2019. Both of Leo's parents were show dogs and OFA certified, but Leo did not pursue a show dog career path due to an undescended testicle. He is neutered and the undescended testicle was removed during that process. He is registered with the American Kennel Club and has a microchip. He is smart and likes puzzles, nature watching, and playing fetch with tennis balls. Leo's K9 teeth were deformed and professionally removed by an oral surgeon when Leo was ~1.5 years old. He is crate-trained, house-trained and quiet - he has not had any professional dog training (we trained him on our own during COVID lockdowns). He is good with other people, kids, and strangers, and only gets suspicious when he thinks people are stealing items from the house - doesn’t show aggression, though.

I have never seen Leo interact with cats, and Leo could use more socializing with other dogs (he usually returns the same vibes he gets from other dogs, and usually starts out overly protective of himself and his walker).  Leo likes to be fashionable and shows off his iconic yellow rain jacket during downpours or his military-inspired vest during mountain hikes. He weighs about 90 LB and his favorite snack is dry fish skins but he is not a picky eater. He was up-to-date with vaccinations until the COVID outbreak - would need to check with the vet to see if there are any shots outstanding.

Posted 5/2/23

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