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Private Party Dogs

The following dogs are available through private parties and are NOT associated with Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue; they are listed here as a courtesy. Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and does not make any claims about or take any responsibility for the temperament or health of any dog listed. Please contact the person or rescue operation indicated in the listing for more information about each dog.


7 Months / Female

I am active-duty military and was asked to foster this German Shepard puppy. My contact ended up ditching me and leaving me with this dog, and I am getting ready to deploy. Meet Freya and read what she has to say.

Hello, my name is Freya. I am a loving and surprisingly calm 7-month-old puppy! I love having company because I'm very loyal and love being with my person. I get a little nervous being alone, but I have come a long way since being rescued 2 months ago. I have learned potty training and a couple of commands like sit, down, lay, and paw. I also can go to my kennel when directed, but honestly, I don't really like it in there, so I always try to break out. Sometimes I am successful, but when I am out, I usually don't do anything bad like tearing stuff up. I like meeting new people and dogs, but I'm still a little scared of these new things out there. I am hoping someone like you would take me out and show me the world. I have had my rabies shots and two of my parvo shots (hopefully getting the last one soon). Thank you for considering me, hopefully, we get to meet. 

Posted 3/17/23

Contact Cammie Warner

7 Years Old / Female

Hinata is a 7 year old German Shepard.  She is beautiful and healthy.  She likes to be with people and is not an outdoor pet.  She is house trained and sleeps indoors. She is too big for small kids. She is not aggressive but too big for small dogs. Located in Olivehurst, CA.

Posted 3/17/23

Contact Virginia

8 Months / Male

Astro is an 8-month-old loving GSD baby boy. He lives in a home with 2 other dogs that are mixed dogs, so he definitely gets along with other dogs. There are 2 teenage boys in the home, but no younger children so I am not certain how he will do with younger kids. Astro loves learning and exploring and is very attentive to his owners. Astro is fully potty trained, he learned really quickly as he followed the other dogs' lead. He is very smart and learns quickly when given the focused time for training sessions. So far, he knows how to sit, rollover, shake your hand, stay, and is learning how to follow/heel when walking. I have not taken him out for long walks outdoors since I am still waiting to finish his shots, but he did great outdoors with my neighbors and other dogs. He will be an amazing dog if you like to stay active or even hiking. I workout a lot in my backyard and he just runs wild, and even tries to do burpees with me. If you are aware of the GSD breed they do like to whine, he will whine when he is in the crate and does not see any of his family members. He rarely barks, but GSDs are protective in nature so he will bark if someone is at the door or at first glance when someone enters the home that he is not aware of (same with my other dogs), but quickly calms down when he sees my interaction with the person. He absolutely loves cuddles, he loves affection, and sometimes forgets how big he is so he will cuddle in any little space available. He is very trusting of his owner, he allows me to comb him, trim his nails, and groom him. He has been indoors since I’ve had him and has adjusted really well. I have to add that I am a single woman with kids in school so I do not have the time to train a young puppy and give him the attention he deserves. With patience, love, understanding, and lots of affection, Astro would be the most perfect dog for a single person or family home.  He has received his first examination, and first shot of Rabbies and Parvo he is scheduled for his second dose 3/16.

Posted 3/13/23

Contact Alisa Summers
(831) 222-0130 or (510) 449-4584

7 Months / Female

Her name is Maisy and was born on July 29, 2022, almost 7 months old. She is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been trained to sit, lay down, stay, and come when she’s called. She needs to work on refraining from jumping and putting her two front paws on people. She will go to the sliding glass door and either “talk “or put her paws up to let you know she needs to go outside to go potty.

She loves humans and will be at your side. Unsure how she feels about very young children. She plays well with other dogs at the dog park and may roll onto her back before running around with the dogs. She is very active and loves to play fetch and chew on her toys. She will need redirection for chewing sometimes as she loves to chew (she’s still a puppy ). 

She has not been spayed because she hasn’t had her first menses yet. She is located in Rocklin, California 

Posted 3/9/23

Contact Nigist Fekade

2 Years / Male

Male German shepherd dog. About two years old. He is very good with children and is a very reliable companion. He does well with dogs and never bothers our chickens. However, he is not good with herding animals. With training, he has the promise of being a great dog. We're hoping he will go to someone who has the time to love him and train him. We have had him for the last three months. We are praying he can get a loving and caring home.
Posted 3/5/23

Contact Kristin Healy


5 Year Old / Female

Delta is a 5-year-old German Shepherd rescue. She has been with us since she was 3 months old. We are heartbroken over the decision to find a new home for her. We are unable to give her the love and attention she deserves. She is full of love, especially for her people, and wants to spend every moment with them. She would do better in a home with few visitors as she is protective of her people and space. 

Delta has done great with the other dog in our home, aside from a few arguments over food/toys. She may do better being the only dog. 

She is likely best matched to older kids as she can be jumpy when excited and her herding instincts kick in. She is a loving dog who means well and would make a great companion for a young couple or single person wanting an exercise or exploration buddy.  

Reposted 2/26/23

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