Private Party Dogs

The following dogs are available through private parties and are NOT associated with Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue; they are listed here as a courtesy. Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue has not evaluated these dogs and does not make any claims about or take any responsibility for the temperament or health of any dog listed. Please contact the person or rescue operation indicated in the listing for more information about each dog.

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Contact Shelby

My husband received a spinal cord injury and we are not sure if he is going to get the mobility of his arms and hands completely, so are needing to relocate two of our dogs who normally shadow my husband outside and sit next to his feet while In the house. Both are great dogs, we just need to lessen the demand on the recovery and long term care of my husband 


  5 years / Male

Tank was born 06/18/2016 is a large black and beige coat non neutered male shepherd. Pros- great with dogs and kids. Protective of master, loyal and likes to stay close to his master. House trained and does not run off. Loves to play fetch and likes food. Great temperament 
Cons- he has scares on his face because he would put his face in his Father's mouth for attention. He has a skin pigmentation around face, mouth, and genitals. Nothing that keeps him from living a healthy life. Just a looks thing.  


  5 years / Female

Rose was born 06/18/2016 is a small black and beige coat altered female shepherd. Pros- great with dogs and kids also likes to stay close to her human family. Does not run off, not hyper, knows simple commands like sit. no, outside, lay down. Likes to play with rocks will play catch. Cons- loves to be vocal when you come home. Has a high working metabolism. Is skinny but eats plays and has energy to play you just say the word. She is my son's dog from our oldest dogs litter. My son is now in school, working, and has a girlfriend. Doesn't have the time to give to her, so she is always with my husband, who needs to have less around his feet. Posted 10/13/2021

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Contact Brittania


  6 years / Female

This is Lexi, she will be 6 years old in December and has been part of our family since she was a puppy.  She is great with children and other dogs/cats as she has been very well socialized. She is amazing with my 3 year old daughter and has never had any behavioral issues. Sadly we need to rehome her as we do not have the time to give to her that she needs. She is spayed and current on all her shots, but she does require daily eye drops in her eyes as she has a eye condition that was genetically inherited from her parents that causes her eyes to flare up if left untreated.  Her medication through her personal vet runs about $50 a month to treat her eyes. I also can provide all her medical records and her veterinarian contact information.  Our goal is to find her a good home with someone that has time to love her and spend time with her. Lexi is located in Rocklin. Posted 10/11/2021

Contact Kimberly


  7 years / Male

Charlie has been a part of our family for over 7 years. We adopted him when he was only 8 weeks old from the SPCA and it was by far one of the best days of our lives. He has been our baby boy, little spoon in bed and walking buddy since the day we adopted him. As Charlie got older it has been clear that crowded and dog filled city life is not the right environment for him. While Charlie is friendly and happy with his family, he also has anxiety with new people and aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Recently, Charlie bit another dog. The dog was not seriously harmed, but the incident made us question whether we're able to provide the best environment for him. Charlie needs a place where he is out in the country in a big space with people who have the time and ability to work with him. We have a small child and live in a townhouse and it is not the right environment for Charlie to thrive. Charlie has been through thorough training and has shown great progress and potential. Charlie is a sweet boy who deserves the chance to live out his years in a happy and loving home. He is a Shepard/Rottweiler mix, he is neutered and up to date on all his shots. Posted 10/9/2021

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Contact Angela


  7 years / Male

Sammy is 7 yrs old, happy, loves all people & kids, and enjoys going on hikes or running around at the dog park. He does well in the car and enjoys road trips. He has Gastrointestinal sensitivity and therefore I feed him a prescription diet. Sammy loves to be around his humans 24/7 and truly enjoys meeting new people. Sammy would be a great dog for a family with children (young or older) or with other dogs. He would also do well as an only dog too. He just needs a loving home & family where he will get the attention he deserves. Posted 10/6/2021

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Contact Jackie


  6 years / Male

Marley is a six-year-old German Shepherd mix, who has all of his shots up-to-date and is neutered. We have done some training with him through a local specialist, and he has improved greatly. He's really smart, and loves to play. He just needs to be an only dog. Ideally he would be in a home where somebody is home with him most of the time and where he has lots of room to run. He's not so keen on walks, when there are other dogs or people around. He has high anxiety, is dog reactive, and has guarding tendencies. He has recently attacked our smaller dog, and we cannot keep him in the house anymore. He's friendly with strangers when he's not around his current pack, and in guard dog mode. We are heartbroken to see him go, but this is our last hope. Marley is in Sacramento , CA.  Posted 10/3/2021

Contact Jesus

Chase (left)

3 years / Male

  Oso (right)

 4-5 years / Male

Chase is a neutered male. He is trained to walk on a harness/leash. He is energetic and has been around kids from babies to teenagers. Does better in a home without cats.


Oso is a neutered male. He is calm and relaxed. He is trained to walk on a leash. Best in a home without cats. Has been around kids and does well with them. They are in Stockton. Posted 10/3/2021

Charlie (2) 09-2021
Charlie (2) 09-2021

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Charlie (1) 09-2021
Charlie (1) 09-2021

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Charlie (2) 09-2021
Charlie (2) 09-2021

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Contact Grace


4 years / Male

Looking for responsible family who could care and love Charlie. He is a full bred German Shepherd. He is crate trained loves to be with people. He’s gentle and good with kids. Charlie loves to play ball and will fetch and can fallow commands. Loves to go on walks. Favorite thing would be hanging out with people. Has been raised around family. He was raised with a terrier but became dominant and have to separate them. He does not get along with other dogs.  He can be very aggressive towards them. He has been on Blue life protection formula since he was a puppy. Has received first puppy and rabies vaccine only. We are located in Manteca California.  Posted 9/27/2021